A small excerpt from this book with the warmest recommendations:

“It’s the economy, dummy!” – Since one can hardly hope to capture or work on all aspects of sustainability transformations at once, I have zoomed in on what could be a central leverage point in various projects and change initiatives around this purpose. The idea was to follow the dictum of Richard Rumelt, one of The Economist’s “management gurus” and expert in “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy” (2011). He says that a good diagnosis “simplifies the often overwhelming complexity of reality by identifying certain aspects of the situation as critical” (Rumelt 2011, quoted from his blog). My diagnosis is that the most critical aspect of turning the wheel towards meeting the SDGs is changing the economic paradigm. Hence the title of the book.
But why above all economic thinking? Because it informed the creation of the practices, norms, laws, regulations, business and market structures and technologies that delivered unsustainable development in the first place. Because governments, ministries, international organizations, corporations and banks that move big money around and design the rules of our markets use economic models and expertise in their decision-making and reasoning.

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