Source: CSR.DK – Eva Harpøth Skjoldborg

Paul Polmans, former CEO of Unilever and now sustainability activist at the highest level – where he advises the UN and the World Economic Forum, and speaks at events and conferences all over the world.

Paul Polman is what you can call clear when he communicates about the current role and efforts of companies.

“Many companies will say that they are up and running and that they are doing much more than they have ever done – and this at a time when they are under colossal pressure from inflation, value chain challenges and geopolitical unrest. But not many have the awareness that while you think you are doing a lot, the distance to what needs to be done grows. And you have to take that in. That you are part of that development and that you have to take responsibility at the right level,” he says.

Better for your business
“However, part of that awareness is also about the fact that it is better for yourself and your business if you start thinking differently about how your business is designed, how you use technology, how you work in partnerships,” he continues.

Not Net Zero – Net Positive
Paul Polman emphasizes that, on this basis, you can join the fight to make companies – including your own – Net Positive. Overall, this means that you give back to your surroundings more than you take.

The book “net positive” was published in 2022 and was named by Time Magazine as one of the world’s most important publications that year. .