Step by step online guide to sustainable development

There is future in sustainable development
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Lesson 1: Circular Economics

– gives you the knowledge needed in your company.

Specialist : Post. doc. Kirsten Schmidt, Aalborg University

Lesson 2: The story of a business

profit of the experiences of others and see how they have done.

Specialist : Kasper Larsen, CCO, KLS-PurePrint

Lesson 3: Collaboration

use the company’s best resource (employees) as efficiently as possible.

Specialist : Ingrid Wawra, psychologist.


Lesson 4: The World Goals for Sustainability

Use the global goals as a practical goal in securing the company’s future and attracting new customer groups.

Specialist : Anne Nedergaard, Communication and Sustainability.

Lesson 5: Optimizing customer communication

Introduction to customer and stakeholder communication with a focus on marketing.

Specialist : Anne Nedergaard, Communication and Sustainability.

Lesson 6: Long-term planning and certification

Long-term planning and product development as part of a sustainability strategy.

Specialist : Engineer in sustainability, David Marhauer-Nimb.

Lesson 02 – Teaser: From poisenous print to 100% sustainable business.

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In this clip from lesson 02 Kasper Larsen, the comercial director of PUREPRINT, tells a little of their development from no hope to sustainable success.




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